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Mindful Meditation for Elementary School Kids! [Video]


The University of Wisconsin-Madison is trying an experiment teaching elementary school kids how to do Mindful Meditation and the results are astounding. What they are finding is, the kids are much more ready to sit down and learn and have a better ability to focus.

The kids are also learning how to be in touch with how they feel about things and given an opportunity to express that in a healthy way to others.

What a beautiful thing to do Wisconsin, implementing in the classroom how to promote a state of well-being.

Could the world become a better place? Could we all honor ourselves and others more? Could we all be in touch with the truer state of our beings?

Yes, yes, and yes!

My hat’s off to you, Wisconsin. I hope you start a national trend, that becomes a global one. Blessings.



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  1. Nancy Schaak says:

    This should be taught in ALL schools. Imagine the powerful results and how it will change the world …. all for the better

  2. Janet Shapan says:

    I would very much like to invite one of the individuals in charge of this project to be interviewed our radio show, Answers for the Family. We, broadcast live nationally each Monday at 11 am PST on LA Talk Radio. Our audience is comprised of educational professionals, therapists. treatment prgrams, government and many thousands of general listeners from all walks of life. I am currently booking for the January 2016 time period. If you could refer me or have someone could contact me, I would be most grateful.

    Janet Shapan
    Program Producer
    Answers for the Family Radio Show

    • happyhealthyhappens says:

      Janet, I am not sure who exactly to try at the University of Wisconsin, but this article on their website does mention several staff members. Perhaps follow the trail and it will lead you to someone willing to participate with you on air.

  3. David Ballard says:

    What are they using as their model, Budda, or Zin? Is that not promoting religion which is against the laws of our land?

    • happyhealthyhappens says:

      Meditation, I believe, is used in all religions and even by those who don’t support religions, David.

  4. Lucas says:

    The power of love leads me to here!

  5. Lukas says:

    My fiancee would love this when she’s a tutor to primary school children…
    = Singapore

  6. Caroline Keen says:

    Sounds like a wonderful program, but please don’t put an apostrophe in the word “kids” unless it is possessive!

  7. meewah says:

    gosh! Some of them look so tense!

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